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Terra Strike m2

by Pelle Abrahamsson | added on Nov 9, 2009 ( 7847 kb )
Plays: 1,537 | Rating: 5.00 ( 2 votes )

Terra Strike by Pelle Abrahamsson The story continues from the previous episode And another endeavor awaits Conrad and Cristofer This mighty beast of a game takes time to load and even the loading screen is a bit sluggish sometimes so take the time to fetch a drink. It also takes power to run and it will run less good on old computers But if you turn the quality down to medium you should manage on 3 year olds. A,s,w,d, moves armor-unit , q switch to next armor-unit, mouse press to fire Arrow keys navigates around map You will have to figure out most things by yourself in this game. Armored combat is not for the weak-hearted it will be a challenge. If you manage to beat it you can save your game and continue with your items + stats in the next episode. Have fun and enjoy,

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