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Adventure Quest Worlds

  Hot Game Multi-Player Game
by Adventure Quest Worlds | added on Sep 8, 2009
Plays: 9,886 | Rating: 4.30 ( 23 votes )

The gameplay is similar to many role playing games, with most of the gameplay based around fighting monsters and performing qest. This MMORPG offers awesome adventures, fights and a huge gaming community. Play the game with your friends online. As the game is multiplayer, it allows for freestyle battling with other players. Instead of turn-by-turn basis battles (as in previous Artix Entertainment games), Adventure Quest Worlds uses real time battling with simultaneous players/monsters. Currently, there are no player versus player battles, but the staff has indicated that they intend to add it later on.

The combat system uses two types of attacks: "auto attacks" and 'skills'. Auto attacks are continuous, repeating attacks that deal damage at a specific rate. Skills are special attacks that attack a special way and/or apply an effect (such as stunning an enemy) and typically take up mana points. Skills are unlocked using classes. There are also passive skills (or 'abilities') which are gained similarly to skills, but which cannot been seen and add to the character's ability. Play 'Adventure Quest Worlds' and join a massive world of fantasy online adventures.

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